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*tear tear*

Ok, if you haven't seen the Notebook, then you need to call me( and i'll take you Ok? It is so good and I cried so hard. OMG!!!!! Like in the beginning I was crying cuz' they were like soooooo in love and i was sooooooo jealous. Like it was so cute cuz like they fought alot but they were still like crazy bout each other. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! and then the end was really good too. but i wont tell cuz i dont wanna ruin the movie for anyone.
ya then Amanda, Chantel and I were like sobbing and walking out of the movies and i saw Tony(who looked very hot by the way). but i wasn't sure that it was him so i like yelled his name and he turned around and i was really embarressed, but whatever.
then we went and got pretzels at Aunt Anne's and smoothies at Ben and Jerry's. And while i was waiting for my smoothy from the rude people at Ben and Jerry's, I see this couple like making out but it was really weird cuz' he was like really really skinny and she, well she shouldn't have been wearing that mini-skirt. But it was so gross cuz' they were like right in the middle of the food court thingy(ya kno the one right outside of the mall, in-between the movie theaters and the mall) but ya i wanted to yell "get a room" but i didnt want to be rude.
HAHA but ya i got like bright red lipstick finally and it actually looks pretty on me. and then i got this skirt that looks so old-fashioned. i really like that era of fashion. so all i need are the shoes to match.
but ya so today i woke up, and i decided that i wanted to paint, which is weird since i have never ever painted in my whole life. but i found the supplies and started painting and WOW like not to be conceited but they were pretty good. My mom didnt believe me that i painted them even though she was like watching me do it. the two paintings that i did are two scences from the movie The Notebook. i swear that movie changed me for life. like i dont kno how but it is a beautifull movie.
but anyways then i called Nik and i hung up on him cuz he called me a stupid fat ugly baby and so i am kinda mad but i mean i kno that i cant stay mad at him. its too hard. but ya so then tonight me and my dad actually get to spend some time together. we are gonna go see a movie and then i dunno but ya so any ways i think im hungry so im gunna go make sumthing bye.
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